Fashion Magazines in San Francisco

January 3rd, 2011

There is a variety of high quality San Francisco Fashion Magazines but one magazine in particular stands out in terms of superb photographs of beautiful models, that magazine is BayFashion Magazine. This brand new magazine publication company has been releasing some of the most impressive pictures of models, fashion and designer clothing from the Bay Area.

One of the main things that stand out about this fashion magazine is its ability to cross multiple boundaries in terms of fashion. First off, majority of the models in the magazine reside in the Bay Area and actually compete to be a part of the magazine. Each month a contest is held and the winner actually gets to get the coveted cover spot of the magazine along with a photo spread within the magazine. Another thing that really stands out is the companies ability to bring the reader closer to the models with actual video interviews and behind the scene specials on their YouTube channel.

The beauty and fashion industry alike, understand the importance of believing in your work. It is not hard to tell when a magazine comes along that actually wants to provide the best representation of their work. When we are judging different fashion magazines in from San Francisco, we take a look at a rigid criteria that we believe equals success for any magazine publication.

A main item we look for is professional photography. The photographers in this San Francisco Fashion Magazine understand what true quality and artistic appeal looks like. The visual artists from around the Bay Area provide great photographs throughout the fashion magazine.

Another factor that is very important when it comes to fashion magazines is the community aspect. When a magazine actually listens to their fan base, great things can happen. Majority of success for magazine is referels from others about the worth of the magazine.

Overall, finding a fashion magazine that believes in promoting beautiful visual arts and lets photographers showcase their work based on their own unique style is what makes a fashion magazine top notch and that is exactly why BayFashion Magazine is becomng the leading fashion magazine in San Francisco.

San Francisco Fashion Magazine

January 2nd, 2011

The newest San Francisco Fashion Magazine that is generating an insane buzz is Bay Fashion Magazine. This magazine is filled up high quality photographs of bay area models along with great information sections on different models, designers and fashionable clothing lines.

The San Francisco Fashion Magazine is also running contests to find the most beautiful models within the Bay Area. This contest will choose a winner that will have her own photo shoot published within the magazine and also will get the cover spot on the magazine itself. This can be a true career booster for any bay model that wins the San Francisco Fashion Magazine competition.

One thing that separates this magazine from all of the rest is the fact that it is being published in both a digital and traditional format. The latest issue of Bay Fashion Magazine can even be found on both iPhone and iPad. The magazine can also be purchased through a service called Mag Cloud, and then it can be printed and viewed as a traditional magazine as well a digital magazine.

The company is becoming one of the most popular magazines with a Facebook Fan Page that rivals the top fashion magazine publications on the internet today. Given that the San Francisco is a haven for fashion trends and beautiful models, it only makes sense that the magazine is called Bay Fashion Magazine.

San Francisco is filled with so many great activities and events for fashion such as the SF Fashion Week and other related events that it only makes sense that a mag was created to add even more flavor to the great fashion scene.

Overall, based on the assessment of the fashion scene in San Francisco and the rest of the Bay Area, it is not hard to tell why a magazine such as this is becoming highly successful. Nobody can go wrong with beautiful models and talented photographers that are showcasing their great pictures along with excellent fashion and artistic content.